Electric Vehicle Systems Design & Production

Electric Vehicle Systems Design & Production

Electric Vehicle Systems Design & Production

Electric Vehicle Systems


Isolation between the high voltage connections and chassis ground are monitored using the ISO recommended method and limits.  An LCD display shows the output voltage and current, along with status information. A 12V safety loop output must be connected, and isolation must be ok before a drive to the battery pack contactors is enabled.  Control is by pushbuttons for bench rig safety use, or CAN for in vehicle use.


14.2V DC-DC convertor

A 280V to 14.2V 40A DC-DC convertor to provide the equivalent of an alternator output on electric vehicles. Built for a one off electric Elise.


PTC heater controller

A well-known production electric sports car uses a PTC heating element to provide cabin heating. Abbeygate designed the controller and brought it into production. It is in use in the car today. The electronics is powered from 450VDC, and features current limiting to prevent high inrush due to the nature of PTC elements (low resistance when cold). It is driven by a 100Hz PWM signal and detects a stuck on input, so that risk of over heating is reduced. It uses economical parts and incorporates an isolated serial output port for system diagnostics.


Cell SOC and balance controller (in progress)

Using the Analog Devices battery conditioning chips.


HVAC controller

A controller to provide air-conditioning and heating control using a DC compressor for electric vehicles. It operates on 12 or 24V battery systems and as well as providing full air-conditioning control also generates the PWM signal for a PTC based heater. Simple operation or full climate control is possible. It features a CAN bus and an SD card slot for logging capability.


400V LED

A simple circuit which lights an LED if a voltage in the range of 50 to 500V is applied. It is used on electric vehicles to indicate if the HV systems are live.

:: Battery pack safety monitor
:: 14.2V DC-DC convertor
:: PTC heater controller
:: Cell SOC and balance controller (in progress)
:: HVAC controller
:: 400V LED
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